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 Post subject: 2013/4 and onwards
 Post Posted: December 7th, 2014, 6:16 pm 
Not been the easiest 12 months, still trying to get my head in gear, still coming to terms with Depression, and how its effected me, Talking to and seeing my OS family has really helped.

Coming to terms with the business and down sizing plus the damage ex employees did took it way out of me.

The death of my good friend steve, effects me still, find it wierd when at track side and not seeing the lil red stang there startin itself up while we all chuckle

Then the death of my gran, and my half brother and sister not telling me screwed my head up

Giving up smoking, best thing i ever did, cant believe i finally did it after 30 years of trying just about everything, just needed someone to hold my hand through a tough time.

Shame about the heart issue the tablets and stress caused, but small steps and getting better every day

On top of that finally found my long lost sister, that my dear mother told me never existed ! amazing what a dream of a long lost memory aged 16 months old and visiting my little sis in hospital can lead to, never thought the adoption agency would take me seriously, but It only took my Debbie 24 hours to do what both i couldnt and the agency couldnt do. took another 2 months till i finally got to meet her. still getting used to having family rather than being on my own

Having my daughter back in my life is one of the best things thats happened, cant believe shes 18 in only a few days, but im soo proud of what she has become, a fine young lady

On top of that i sold my mustang, not the easiest thing ive ever done, but needs must and a reliable truck that can cope with most things to get me to work was needed not a race car that sucked every spare penny i had, a comprimise was made as i still wanted a ford, and really wanted a supercharger.

then there was the homelessness and getting a caravan and then somewhere proper to live

If your gonna deal with your issues might as well deal with them all at once

and then coming back tot he OS family, funny im enjoying watching a lot more than i ever thought rather than racing, Trucks not a 10 sec car but im still having fun, plus i need to calm the heart beat a bit

So for next year well not sure, Debbie enjoyed going down the track in the truck and next will be to see if she gets the bug and drive herself down the track and go from there, maybe a grudge match against the Truck untill she beats me, then maybe a few extras to her stang and get her in the 13's for a start

The truck might not be the fastest so maybe just bring it back to showroom condition

But looking, and hoping for a warm dry 2015 and hopefully plenty of new horizons and racing


 Post subject: Re: 2013/4 and onwards
 Post Posted: December 8th, 2014, 7:51 am 
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Life can be a bit shit but it only takes a good few friends to brighten up a dull day. Keep your chin up mate we're always around. Good luck.

If it's got tits or tyres it's gonna be trouble.

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