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Rules of the Series 2018
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Author:  Outlaw #1 [ January 8th, 2018, 3:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Rules of the Series 2018

The rules for the series are quite simple:

Your car MUST HAVE:
1. A current MOT*
2. A current TAX registration*
3. A full functioning exhaust system
4. Tyres with road legal tread depth
5. Adhere to the rules & regulations of the track

*Cars that are MOT exempt due to age must be to MOT standards
*Due to TAX discs no longer being issued all vehicle registrations will be checked to ensure they are taxed

Your car CAN’T HAVE:
1. Open Headers
2. Slicks

The Outlaw Street series runs on a Pro Tree, to be eligible for points and/or RT trophies your time must be on a Pro Tree.

ALL members must sign in on the Outlaw Street white boards when they arrive and MUST record their best PB & RT from the day on the boards.

ALL members MUST notify one of the Series organisers if they race under a non OS number at any point during an event, failure to do prior to the end of the event will automatically cancel the right to any points from a non OS numbered run.

You can only race in ONE car on ONE race number, so if you change your car mid season you will have to start again on a new race number.

Naturally all members will be required to adhere to the rules and safety requirements of each track we race at, at all times, anyone who is unable, unwilling to do this will face being banned from Outlaw Street.

In addition please REMEMBER:

There are 8 rounds in the 2018 series, ONLY 5 count towards the final score and decides the series winners.

Of the 8 rounds the first one you attend counts as your 'dial in' round and as such is a ZERO points round, in addition there is one 'holiday/breakage' round allowed within the series meaning you can choose to drop one round per year and not ruin your chances of being competitive within the series.

The series organisers decision is final

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