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 Post subject: OS-5 2015 Race Report
 Post Posted: October 3rd, 2015, 11:58 am 
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Below is the OS-5 race report which will be in the next edition of American Car magazine, the OS-4 article is on the shelves as of now.

Outlaw Street 2015 Race Series

OS-5 Santa Pod Raceway
Saturday Night Special + RWYB Weekend
Sat 9th August to Sun 10th August

Round OS-5 2015

Report by Mark Wallington

Ten days after OS-4 and we were back at Santa Pod for round OS-5, this short turn around had an effect on the number of members racing as several were still repairing damages from the last round.

With OS-5 being a 'Saturday Night Special' round it gave members the chance for a bit of night racing and cool air racing, this clearly worked for several who managed to secure new PB's over the weekend, including OS-10 Troy Attree in his LS1 Camaro with a 11.58 @ 117mph, after a break of a couple of seasons Troy is clearly back on form this year.

Although the track was very busy some members managed to squeeze as many as 12 runs in over the weekend so massive thanks to all the Santa Pod team for keeping things running despite a number of oil downs, the 'horsepower horrors' or 'grunt gremlins' as they're known were hindering quite a few members who either had to park their cars early or struggled to get on form all weekend, of course the excuses were rife as to why this was as naturally its never the drivers fault or the fact their pride and joy wears a 'blue badge' or a 'bowtie'.

One thing is for sure, members were really chasing the RT's at OS-5 with quite a few cherries popping up in the results.

It was a close one with only 0.0726 of a second between the top three with:

OS-10 Troy Attree in his LS1 Camaro taking the top slot with a 0.132 RT

The top 6 RT's of OS-5 were:

1. OS-10 Troy Attree with a 0.128 RT
2. OS-31 Nick Rose in his Mustang convertible with a 0.1825 RT
3. OS-18 Vic Fisher in his supercharged Mustang with a 0.2046 RT
4. OS-68 Debbie Taylor in her late model Mustang with a 0.2143 RT
5. Os-19 David Mahoney in his LS1 Corvette with a 0.237 RT
6. OS-56 Doug Harwood in his supercharged Barracuda with a 0.2985 RT

At every points round of the series, the highest scoring points winner of the round wins a years FREE subscription to American Car magazine, (you can only win this once a year).

As you can only win once a season and both first place and second place scorers have already secured a years free subs this season, the subscription goes to third place winner

OS-19 David Mahoney in his C5 Corvette who scored 218 points

The top points scorers of OS-5 were:

1. OS-10 Troy Attree in his LS1 Camaro with 223 points
2. OS-31 Nick Rose in his Convertible Mustang with 218 points
2. OS-19 David Mahoney in his C5 Corvette with 218 points
3. OS-69 Gary Semper in his 1969 Pontiac Firebird with 215 points
3. OS-46 John Latham in his PT Cruiser with 215 points
3. OS-56 Doug Harwood in his Barracuda with 215 points

The WASP Improvement Award is awarded at every points round to the member with the biggest ET improvement from the last round, the award is a £25 WASP parts voucher to help buy parts to go even faster!

There's a pattern starting to form with the OS-4 winner also securing the OS-5 win, looks like other members better start upping their game.

Winner of the OS-5 WASP Improvement Award went to:

OS-10 Troy Attree with an improvement of -0.2060 of a second

The OS-5 2015 Biggest ET Improvements were:
1. OS-10 Troy Attree improvement of -0.2060 (100 points)
2. OS-46 John Latham improvement of -0.1935 (99 points)
3. OS-69 Gary Semper improvement of -0.1657 (98 points)
4. OS-67 Clive Dandridge improvement of -0.0623 (97 points)

Below is the League Table up to OS-5, so you can all see where you're at prior to this weekends racing.

League Table
1. OS-56 Doug Harwood (Barracuda) with 900 points
2. OS-31 Nick Rose (Mustang) with 877 points
3. OS-9 Rob Leyman (Monaro) with 873 points
4. OS-45 Kevin Shepperson (RS2000 Escort) with 872 points
5. OS-46 John Latham (PT Cruiser) with 857 points
6. OS-10 Troy Attree (LS1 Camaro) with 679 points
7. OS-68 Debbie Taylor (Mustang) with 663 points
8. OS-69 Gary Semper ('69 Firebird) with 654 points
9. OS-6 Stephen Moule ('72 Chevelle) with 652 points
9. OS-14 Kline Demaine (Capri) with 652 points
11. OS-19 David Mahoney (C5 Corvette) with 466 points
12. OS-3 Andy Blackett ('68 Camaro) with 451 points
13. OS-67 Clive Dandridge ('67 Mustang) with 434 points
14. OS-47 Team Humphreys ('69 Firebird) with 244 points
15. OS-44 Linden Shepperson (MKII Escort) with 243 points
16. OS-18 Vic Fisher (Mustang) with 236 points
16. OS-24 Clive Dandridge ('58 Pop) with 236 points
18. OS-20 Clive Bush (Lotus 7) with 233 points
19. OS-27 Trudy Slater (Morris Minor) with 228 points

If you'd like more information about the series you can find out more at

 Post Posted: October 3rd, 2015, 4:10 pm 
Nice write up Mate

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