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 Post Posted: December 4th, 2015, 1:27 pm 
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Below is the OS-7 2015 Race Report which will be in the next edition of American Car

Outlaw Street 2015 Race Series Report by Mark Wallington Photography by Jenny Wren

OS-7 - Public Track Weekend
At Shakespeare County Raceway - 26th September to 27th September

As the penultimate round of the 2015 series members were all scrabbling to try and squeeze that one last round in to build points up and hopefully secure some 'silverware' for the trophy cabinet.

For some the PB's came rolling in and every run down the track was a 'smile a 1/4 mile' including OS-68 Debbie Taylor in her late model Mustang who kept chipping away the PB's all weekend and also OS-43 Nigel Jenkins who after a season of engine problems achieved new PB's whilst 'gently' running the engine in.

However for some sadly for several the toll of a season of racing was taking it's toll with OS-56 Doug Harwood in his supercharged Barracuda out due to broken rocker arm which was luckily caught before any serious damage was caused, and OS-31 Nick Rose in his supercharged Mustang convertible which due to the quick reactions of people in the pits narrowly avoided a major engine fire.

As always the team at Shakespeare County Raceway did a cracking job throughout the weekend keeping the track open and many a member managed a good few hot laps.

At each main points scoring round of the 2015series the highest points scorer for the meet will win a years FREE subscription to American Car magazine.

As OS-19 had already secured a years subscription the win was passed to 2nd place winner

OS-43 Nigel Jenkins who secured 221 points

The top 6 points scorers of OS-7 were:
1. OS-19 David Mahoney in his C5 Supercharged Corvette with 225 points
2. OS-42 Nigel Jenkins in his SN95 Mustang with 221 points
3. OS-23 Simon Paul in his Toyota Supra with 219 points
4. OS-9 Rob Leyman in his supercharged Monaro with 218 points
5. OS-56 Doug Harwood in his Barracuda with 216 points
6. OS-68 Debbie Taylor in her Mustang with 212 points
6. OS-18 Vic Fisher in his Mustang with 212 points

With OS-7 being the penultimate round everyone was dusting off their reaction times to see if they could bag a 'Joe & Co' sponsored RT trophy.

With only 0.025 of a second between 1st & 2nd place and all of the top six RT's being on any other day worthy of a trophy it's clear members have been practising since OS-6.

The first place win went to:
OS-67 Clive Dandridge in his 1967 Mustang with a very impressive 0.037 RT

This is Clive's first season with Outlaw Street and he's going to be one to watch in the future.

The top 6 RT's at OS-7 were:

1. OS-67 Clive Dandridge in his '67 Mustang with a 0.037 RT
2. OS-10 Troy Attree in his LS1 Camaro with a 0.062 RT
3. OS-18 Vic Fisher in his Mustang with a 0.141 RT
4. OS-19 David Mahoney in his C5 Corvette with a 0.180 RT
5. OS-56 Doug Harwood in his Barracuda with a 0.191 RT
6. OS-68 Debbie Taylor in her Mustang with a 0.258 RT

At every round of the 2015 series there's a WASP Ltd £25 parts voucher up for grabs for the member who makes the biggest improvement on their previous rounds ET, meaning the faster you go, the more parts vouchers you win to buy more parts to go... well faster....

The winner of the OS-7 WASP Ltd voucher with a massive improvement of 2.9810 seconds against their previous rounds ET was OS-19 David Mahoney in his supercharged C5 Corvette

The OS-7 2015 Biggest ET Improvements were:
1. OS-19 David Mahoney, C5 Corvette with a -2.9810 improvement (100 points)
2. OS-9 Rob Leyman, Supercharged Monaro with a -0.9695 improvement (99 points)
3. OS-42 Nigel Jenkins, SN95 Mustang with a 0.4765 improvement (98 points)
4. OS-23 Simon Paul, Toyota Supra with a -0.3087 improvement (97 points)
5. OS-18 Vic Fisher, Mustang with a -0.3017 improvement (96 points)
6. OS-30 Clive Dandridge, '67 Mustang with a 0.1735 improvement (95 points)

With only one round left to run this season its a real close match for the top three spots (remember the final points are from 6 of the 8 rounds of the series).

Our final round for 2015 will be run at Shakespeare County Raceway on 24th-25th October.

2015 Series League Table as of OS-7
1. OS-31 Nick Rose (Ford Mustang) with 1,307 points
2. OS-9 Rob Leyman (Monaro) with 1,300 points
3. OS-46 John Latham (PT Cruiser) with 1,274 points
4. OS-56 Doug Harwood (Barracuda) with 1,116 points
5. OS-10 Troy Attree (LS1 Camaro) with 1,105 points
6. OS-45 Kev Shepperson (RS2000 Escort) with 1,093 points
7. OS-68 Debbie Taylor (Mustang) with 1,086 points
8. OS-19 David Mahoney (C5 Corvette) with 897 points
9. OS-69 Gary Semper ('69 Firebird) with 862 points
10. OS-67 Clive Dandridge ('67 Mustang) with 847 points
11. OS-6 Stephen Moule ('72 Chevelle) with 652 points
11. OS-14 Kline Demain (Capri) with 652 points
12. OS-23 Simon Paul (Toyota Supra) with 462 points
13. OS-44 Linden Shepperson (Escort) with 457 points
14. OS-3 Andy Blackett (Camaro) with 451 points
15. OS-18 Vic Fisher (Mustang) with 448 points
16. OS-30 Clive Bush (Lotus 7) with 442 points
17. OS-42 Nigel Jenkins (SN95 Mustang) with 246 points
18. OS-50 Roy Collins (Supercharged Camaro) with 245 points
19. OS-47 Eric Humphreys ('69 Firebird) with 244 points
20. OS-24 Clive Dandridge ('58 Ford Pop) with 236 points
21. OS-29 Matt Eveleigh (Mustang) with 235 points
22. OS-27 Trudy Slater (Morris Minor) with 228 points

You can follow the events and find out more about Outlaw Street at

 Post Posted: December 5th, 2015, 9:13 am 

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Great write up Mark!

 Post Posted: December 6th, 2015, 5:58 pm 

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great article as always MARK keep up the good work :D :D cheers! DOUG.

 Post Posted: December 10th, 2015, 10:01 pm 

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great wright up mark

v8 all the way :)

 Post Posted: December 12th, 2015, 2:17 pm 
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Nice one Mark

Light your fires and fry your tyres

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