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Author:  Outlaw #1 [ September 9th, 2014, 8:28 am ]
Post subject:  OS-4 & OS-4b American car Articles

Below is the article that's going to print at the end of the week for next months edition of American Car

Outlaw Street 2014 Race Series
Report by Mark Wallington

OS-4 Dragstalgia
Santa Pod Raceway 11th to 13th July

19th July & 20th July

To avoid the vehicle cut-off of pre-1980 penalising any members with later vehicles for the first time in OS history we ran a split event this season, thus one set of points & awards were split across two events.

Starting with Dragstalgia, to say it was a massive event is like saying the Empire State Building is a bit tall, without a shadow of a doubt it was THE event of the year to date and has clearly grown into THE event of the future, hats off to James Forster, Ian Marshall and all of the track staff who kept the track going despite the polar opposites of weather throughout the weekend from blazing sunshine to downpours and flooding.

Due to the 1980 cut off for entry Outlaw Street ran & displayed 12 cars over the weekend, showing the public the kaleidoscope of choice there is within Outlaw Street ranging from a Model A, to a ‘50’s 100e, to ’60’s muscle cars and 70’s classic English Fords, all racing under the one banner of Outlaw Street.

As this was a ‘time slot’ event it meant there was the flexibility to race and spend time spectating & drooling over the vast selection of cars & bikes at the meet, with the race pits packed solid with wall to wall automotive wonder.

Over the course of the weekend the 12 cars managed a collective 3 runs per day which considering the vast number of classes and cars entered was a great achievements, PB’s were also squeezed in over the weekend with OS-27 Trudy Slater chipping her time to an 11.46 @ 121mph, OS-7 Andy Murton was chasing an 8 with a so close 9.19 @ 149mph.

The gremlins were out to play over the weekend though with the father and son team of Gary & Tom Semper suffering teething problems with their 100e & ’69 Firebird which meant the on going father & son ‘grudge matches’ will have to wait for another weekend.

We had two new members join us for the weekend, OS-47 Eric Humphries in his ’69 Firebird powered by a twin turbo’d 406 and Paul Everitt in his rover V8 powered Ford Pop, I expect we’ll be seeing a lot from these guys as the season goes on.

Also after no coaching at all OS-45 Kevin Shepperson’s son has also joined the series having recently purchased a MKII Escort, this now means Outlaw Street has FOUR father & son teams within the series, each with their own car and each racing with and against each other.

Was held at Shakesphere County Raceway as always the track team and staff worked their socks off to try and give everyone the best event & volume of track time possible all with their traditional friendly banter which always makes the Outlaw members feel like a home from home when at SCR.

It’s been decided that we wont ever call an OS round a B event again as it clearly jinxed the weekend which will forever known as the BROKEN weekend, 7 members attended and raced all of which suffered either mechanical, electrical gremlins, with many having to be trailered home. However, they all managed to run, skip, limp a run or two in and try to score points to remain on the leader board.

As OS-4 and OS-4b were a joint round there is one subscription up for grabs, the winner of the OS-4/4b subscription was:

OS-7 Andy Murton in his '68 Camaro with 225 points

The top 6 points scorers of OS-4/4b were:
1. OS-7 Andy Murton in his '68 Camaro with 225 points
2. OS-27 Trudy Slater in her Cossie Moggy with 221 points
3. OS-45 Kev Shepperson in his RS2000 Escort with 219 points
4. OS-40 Steve Newport Hall in his '66 Cobra with 215 points
5. OS-9 Rob Leyman in his LS1 Monaro with 213 points
6. OS-19 David Mahoney in his supercharge C5 Corvette with 211 points

At every main round of the 2014 series there is a Joe & Co sponsored Reaction Time trophy and £25.00 prize money. The gaps between the top 6 across OS-4/OS-4b were off the chart close with:

0.1793 of a second between the top 6,

0.0718 of a second between the top 3 and

0.027 of a second between 1st and 2nd.......

With the OS-4/4b 2014 'Joe & Co' sponsored RT Trophy & prize money going to:

OS-19 David Mahoney in his LS1 supercharged Corvette with a 0.047 RT

The top 6 RT's over the two meets were:

1. OS-19 David Mahoney in his LS1 supercharged Corvette with a 0.047 RT
2. OS-35 Tom Semper in his 100e with a 0.074 RT
3. OS-35 Gary Semper in his '69 Firebird with a 0.1188 RT
4. OS-27 Trudy Slater in her Cossie Moggy with a 0.1688 RT
5. OS-40 Steve Newport Hall in his '66 Cobra with a 0.1906 RT
6. OS-47 Eric H in his '69 Firebird with a 0.2263 RT

The League table as of OS-4 / OS-4b:

1. OS-27 Trudy Slater in her Cossie Moggy with 682

2. OS-19 David Mahoney in his LS1 Corvette with 673

3. OS-40 Steve Newport Hall in his ‘66 Cobra with 672

4. OS-42 Nigel Jenkins in his supercharged Mustang with 671

5. OS-46 John Latham in his PT Vanster with 657

6. OS-14 Kline Demaine in his SBC Capri with 477

With five more rounds this season everything is very much still to play for, to find out more about Outlaw Street see www.outlawstreet.co.uk

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